Terms of Service

1. Terms. “the Artist” is Catherine Stirland aka @starliiite. “Artwork” describes any visual product created by the artist either physically or digitally, negotiated upon by the artist and client. “Client” is any person in contract with the artist for artwork. “Queued artwork” is any other contracts taken upon by the artist.

2. Payment/Termination. The artist will invoice for full payment once work on the artwork has begun. Work on artwork begins after other queued artwork has been finished. Negotiation for payment plans can be arranged at the artist’s sole discretion and on a case by case basis. Client can cancel at any point before work has started. Unless explicitly stated there will be no refunds after work has begun, to be determined at the artist’s discretion on a case by case basis.

3. Your Rights. Client has limited rights to exhibit the artwork on their own social media and their own websites as long as they prominently append links to the artist’s social media OR prominently credit the artist as “@starliiite”. Unless explicitly stated in communication between us, the client is not to use this artwork commercially, i.e. the client may not redistribute ownership of the artwork, the client may not produce and sell physical copies of the artwork. The client may produce physical copies for personal use i.e. on display in their own place of living upon request and approval by the artist. Additionally no parties whatsoever may tokenize or mint my art as an NFT on any blockchain at any point. Doing so will permanently bar you from service. This is not negotiable.

4. Artist’s Rights. The artist retains full rights to use of the artwork for exhibition, promotion, and redistribution. The artist has the right to deny service, cancel contract before payment, cancel contract after payment upon refund, and delay service for emergencies. The artist may not keep payment after cancellation of contract. The artist is not to be held a due date of any sort unless otherwise negotiated between the client and artist.