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Blog post #11 Thursday, November 17th, 2016
Actually Fast-Paced Games on Steam
I looked at Steam's "fast-paced" tag in the store, and half of the games there have crappy movement systems and are sometimes just plain slow. Here is a list I think is more appropriate:

Strike Vector
Ratz Instagib
Quake Live
Team Fortress Games
Tribes: Ascend
Unreal Tournament 200*
Dino D-Day
Natural Selection

also Magical Battle Festa XDDDDDDD

Blog post #10 Wednesday, November 1st, 2016


Anyways, I haven't updated this blog in a while because I simply haven't felt the need to. I've made some friends in the neotokyo discord, so I've kinda started telling them when I'm making a new map instead of writing a lengthy and arguably rant-y blog post(since I'm making them for neotokyo now).

Speaking of maps, I screwed around with some old maps of mine without doing anything special, and I haven't been able to think up csgo layouts. I'm thinking of a Mirror's Edge style map for neotokyo, and I've got some idea of the layout so I'll post when I've done something. I also edit official neotokyo maps on request in the discord, because its easy and I want to. I really should stop giving up on things.

IRL, I went to watch Kizumonogatari Nekketsu on release, and it was pretty good. I expected to see a bunch of sweaty landwhales, but there were none as far I was concerned. Most of the weebs in UT are skinny I guess. I loved the animation of of the fight scenes, Kiss-shot's designs were super amazing, and overall it felt like a proper Monogatari Series movie.

Blog post #9 Sunday, September 18 2016
Wow I'm really bad at sticking to things. I gave up on most of the projects I was working on, and I've just been lying in bed, doing homework, and occasionally playing csgo (which I've gotten better at, somehow)

I tried playing left handed today (mouse in left, arrow keys to move). Making the config took a bit to do, but I settled on something I think is comfy.

Whilst playing, I could actually feel getting better at an alarming rate. Here are some observations:
#1. Sometimes I still wanted to use my left hand to move. It took a bit to re-adjust.
#2. Spray patterns aren't muscle-memory, as I was able to do them as good as I do them with my left hand as good as my right.
#3. Flicking, however, definitely is. I struggle to aim the AWP if I'm not already preaiming a certain spot. Pistols and rifles are similar, but more forgiving in that context.
#4. Binds you don't use as often such as use, drop, duck, and speed, are harder to remember, but after like 4 uses I got the hang of it.

PROTIP: If you're making your own config, don't just test it offline. It's beneficial to use it on a retakes server where you'll use all of your buttons. If you want mine, email me.

Blog post #8 Friday, August 26th, 2016
I totally wasted my break between summer and fall semester, and now I'm back in the thick of it.(aka i go to class and go home to play video games so that I have to stress out about doing tons of homework later).

I totally gave up on de_mo, made a couple of maps for nt°, and made two new maps for csgo(well more like two versions of one map but whatevs. I totally gave up on those too and played video games and watched anime until today!

Now I am going to get into fighting games! I realize this is a very big statement("One does not simply 'get into fighting games'"), but I really feel like fighting games are something I can invest a lot of time into. There's so much to learn, and lots of people that have already figured stuff out on youtube. I'll probably only play fighting games on my ps3 or my laptop, cause I heard motionjoy was malware(since when?!?!). That pretty much narrows it down to Skullgirls, Lethal League(is that even competitive?), and stuff that can run in wine.

Have I mentioned that I'm very impressionable? I watched some videos by Core-A-Gaming and pattheflip and this might be a phase lol.

Blog post #7 Wednesday, July 20th, 2016
I'm ripping all the sound files from Patapon 2. I'll put a DL link to a .7z on the Files page tomorrow after it's finished(edit: it's done)

Interestingly, most of the sounds are significantly pitched up. This is probably being due to the game being able to tone shift these sounds on the fly, and by extention making the soundtrack, FX, etc.

Blog post #6 Tuesday, July 12th, 2016
Wow, 2500 people have looked at my website! That's really cool! I kinda imagine it as lot of people walking past my window and glancing in, and 4 people are just staying there. Hmm, actually that doesn't sound very good in retrospect.

Whatever. This post was useless fluff from it's inception so there's no point in trying to salvage it. In fact, if I did try to salvage it by... [ deleted cause too long ;) ]

Blog post #5 Friday, July 8th, 2016
I gave up on remaking de_stocked, cause I'm still a little rusty at the moment. Instead, I loaded up a vaguely named .vmf called "de_mo" and I've been finishing that.

At this point it looks like a 1.6 map, cause half of the textures are from Source and the lighting is really yellow(and I play in 4:3). I like the layout though, which is something I was not so sure of on Stocked.

This map(i don't remember it's real name so I'll call it Demo) has a interesting middle that I've actually wanted to do for a while, I just haven't thought of a layout to properly apply it to yet. This one I thought of by pure chance, and it's nice, but suffers from from a few issues including an unfinished A bombsite, weird spawns, and bad timing at mid(the thing I wanted to work out the most). I'll keep thinking about what I can do to fix it.

Here is a link to Demo's workshop page: de_mo
If you have any ideas, email me at qophyn@gmail.com.

Blog post #4 Monday, June 27th, 2016
I'm remaking de_stocked, my most recent defuse map, and it's been very difficult. Even though I'm slightly out of practice with hammer, I got back into it quickly, but I can't get a sense of scale. I still have some of the image in my mind, but I can't properly translate it. It would be nice to have de_cache and de_season's textures as well.
I might end up giving up on this map and make some more aim multi's, but I really want to make this happen.

On second thought, I really only have B main and middle in my head at the moment, most are little bits that I could add to any map...

This is making me feel kinda down.

Blog post #3 Saturday, June 25th, 2016
OK, I got rid of the weird stuff because I wanna start writing actually important stuff here. Stay tuned for updates on the website, my maps, and more!

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